Mini Graze Boxes & Graze Cups

Mini Graze Boxes & Graze Cups

Our Selection of Graze Boxes and Cups

The Graze Cup

Filled to the brim with our favourites from our original box, this portable treat is perfect as an appetizer at your next event and can be paired with your favourite wine — cheers to that!

The Mini Graze Box

Meet our Mini Graze Box! This little cutie is perfect for one, and comes in The Original, Vegetarian, Vegan, and Dessert options.

Graze Gourmet Mini Sandwich Box

The perfect addition to your corporate event or meeting! Each gourmet sandwich box comes with a gourmet sandwich, a mini bag of kettle chips, and a pepperoncini.

"A True Taste of Luxury."

Add A Little Something Extra

All add-ons for our Graze Tables are available at checkout!

Additional Add-Ons

Include a handmade personalized card, or add extra charcuterie, extra cheese, or our signature Graze Honeycomb!

Eco-Friendly Serveware

We are pleased to offer Eco-disposable cutlery and serveware as add-on to our Graze Boxes, Boards, and Tables.

Agate Cheese Knives

These beautiful pieces can be used alongside any Graze Box, Board, or Table, and will add sparkle and glam to your next gathering!

“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together”

– Vincent Van Gogh


Check out our latest works of art as inspiration for your next event!

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