Graze Boards

Graze Boards

The perfect accompaniment to entertaining at home, or for corporate gatherings, weddings, brand launches, and any occasion where great food is in order!

Perfect for gatherings between 25-35 people!

Our Selection of Graze Boards

The Intimate Graze Board

This lavish style of eating allows you and your guests to nibble and partake in delectable eats with the max amount of social time as no sitting and plating is required!

This 25″ board is perfect for gatherings of up to 25 people!

The Amazing Graze Board

Let The Graze Company impress your guests with an Instagram-worthy spread fit for a King (or Queen)!

This 28″ board is perfect for gatherings of up to 35 people!

Graze Fruit Board

Handcrafted seasonal fruit board beautifully prepared & styled surrounding a bowl of Greek strawberry yogurt.

Graze Crudités Board

Handcrafted crudités board beautifully prepared & styled surrounding a bowl of hummus, beet hummus, and a homestyle ranch dip.

Graze Gourmet Sandwich Board

Elevate your private and corporate events with our brand new Graze Gourmet Sandwich Board!

"A True Taste of Luxury."

Add A Little Something Extra

All add-ons for our Graze Tables are available at checkout!

Smoked Salmon Board

Add a little taste of the West Coast with our Smoked Salmon Lox (with all the fixings) Board.

Dessert Graze Board

Craving something sweet? We’ve got you covered with our Dessert Graze Board containing our most luxurious macarons, seasonal fresh fruit, and more!

Graze Platinum Caviar Box

Whether as a decadent addition to your intimate wedding or birthday, or perhaps the perfect gift for that special someone who “has everything”, celebrate in the utmost decadent style

Graze Honeycomb

Our Graze Honeycomb makes the perfect gift for anyone with a sweet tooth! Perfect on its own, or paired with our signature Graze Boxes, Boards, or Tables!

“We bring people together over a shared love for great food.”


Check out our latest works of art as inspiration for your next event!

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